Automated Lighting Systems

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Automated Lighting Systems

Automated lighting allows a central controller to operate the lights, adding convenience, security and energy savings to your home. Automated lighting provides a new level of control for your home’s lighting design. Cove Electric's professionals can recommend the right system for your family.

In addition to saving energy and utility costs by turning lights off when they’re not needed, automated lighting also adds security to your home and for those you love.

Light timers are ideal for families with young children who are notorious for not turning out the lights when they leave a room. There are also motion activated timers that turn off the lights when no movement is detected.

No one likes to come home to a dark unsafe house, automated lighting ensures your lights are on when you need them.

A well-lit, welcoming home may also give would-be intruders the impression that your home is occupied while you’re away from home.

Benefits of automated lighting include:

  • The ability to preset lighting times
  • Set a security mode
  • While you are away in the evening the lights turn on and off in different rooms in order to give your home an occupied look. Lighting routines can vary randomly from day to day.
  • Lights turn on automatically when you enter a room
  • Lights can be programmed to turn off automatically
  • Lights can flash to signal the doorbell or the phone ringing
  • Lights can be turned on if the security system detects an intruder