Commercial Design and Build

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Commercial Electric

Cove Electric’s design staff has extensive experience in both total design and value engineering. The Engineering/Design Team offer design/build services that can maximize your purchasing power, maintain your schedule, and become a partner in your project with a contact you can depend on.

Cove Electric’s AutoCAD Department, with the latest AutoCAD software & plotting capabilities, can assist you in your design. With our vast knowledge and experience, we can design your project quickly and accurately.

Using Cove Electric ensures your components are ordered on time, errors do not reach your production floor and your project is completed on time. Once our design is approved, the drawings can be turned into a construction set of documents from which our experienced field of electricians can immediately begin construction.

Some of the many design/build projects Cove Electric has completed include:

Budget and Schedule

Cove Electric knows the importance of the budget and schedule. We will design the project the most cost effective way and yet maintain the appropriate quality electrical system available.

Cove Electric’s teamwork approach to each project will ensure a continuity of work from the design to construction phase, which will save time, dollars and supplies regardless of complexity or size.

Our commercial and industrial clients rely on us to ensure that their business electrical systems meet all electric utility safety codes and project specifications.