Fantasy Springs Hotel and Casino

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Fantasy Springs Casino

Walk through the doors of Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and you’re immediately transported to a world of elegance, exciting ambience and relaxation. The size, design, and aesthetically appealing accents ensured the Casino's success while bringing a sense of fun combined with sophistication to ensure guests felt the relaxing benefits of a vacation!

This project was interesting because of the large energy consumption requirement. There was a serious focus on security, including cameras and a highly specialized security department that involved surveillance, so it was important to utilize a plan that would ensure the Casino's security. The Casino utilized recessed lighting to give a softer relaxing effect and to offset the heat of the machines. The amount of electricity that is consumed is vast, so we focused on energy efficient equipment.

We utilized equipment that could handle the challenges of the casino's electricity consumption. Cove Electric utilized lighting designs provided by the architect and engineer to install the best lighting, telecommunication equipment, and electrical systems available for the Casino.