Surge Protectors

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Surge Protectors

Take a moment to look around your house. How many surge protectors do you have? How many surge protectors do you have plugged in to each other because you do not have enough outlets?

Surge protectors provide little protection against power surges. There are a variety of causes for power surges. Lightning, downed power lines, power cycling, faulty wiring and much more. All of the items that you have plugged in are at risk during a power surge. This includes items like televisions, computers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, alarm systems, microwaves and many other items.

You can protect your whole house with a home surge protector installed by Cove Electric. This will save you time and money, prevent the loss of electronics and provide you with peace of mind that you're protected.

Give Cove Electric a call today or request an appointment to prevent any future power surge problems.